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The history of hacking ransoms and cryptocurrency

id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body" data-component="trackCWV"> Earlier this month, hundreds of companies from the US to Sweden were entangled in the , a company that offers network infrastructure to businesses around the world.The Kaseya hack comes on the heels of other headline-grabbing cyberattacks like the  and the . In each instance, dark web markets criminals had the opportunity to make off with millions -- and much of the ransoms were paid in Bitcoin."We have to remember the primary reason for creating Bitcoin in the first place was to provide anonymity and secure, trustless and borderless transaction capabilities," says Keatron Evans, principal security researcher at .As Bitcoin…

by elijah74829290
February 21, 2024

Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind Darknet Marketplace?

The emergence of the internet has revolutionized various aspects of our lives. One of the most intriguing developments is the creation of underground marketplaces, commonly known as darknet markets. These platforms provide users with the ability to engage in anonymous and unregulated trading, onion dark website primarily in illicit goods and services.darknet market markets can be accessed through a specialized browser called Tor (The Onion Router), which anonymizes internet traffic and conceals the user's identity. This anonymity attracts individuals seeking to engage in activities that are considered illegal or unethical in traditional markets.The items available for trade on darknet markets…

by alexandriamcrae
January 12, 2024
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