Find out how to Design and Produce a High-High Quality Jacquard Elastic Band?

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Find out how to design and produce a unique customized jacquard elastic waistband from scratch. Welcome to Paluna Textile, your inventive elastic webbing hub. Here is a tutorial to point out you how you can design a excessive-quality jacquard elastic band step-by-step. Briefly, you’ll spend three minutes on this publish and have below key factors. On this case, we are going to take elastic waistband for men’s underwear boxer briefs as a tutorial. Usually, if you’re above the higher limit of waist dimension, we suggest you go up to the next dimension. If you wish to create a brand new fashion of men’s boxer briefs, jacquard elastic band you want to finish the design in your mind first, before you sew them with elastic bands and fabrics, a design and calculation on paper is critical and useful. For example, you plan to supply 2000 items of men’s boxer briefs in sizes L and XL, imagine a thousand pieces of every size. Both are made with elastic waistbands in size 1.5 inches.

1000, 80000 inches of elastic band in whole, equal to 2230 yards. But which sort of yarn materials could be the best choice for elastic waistbands? In the next step, it would present the popular yarn sorts in elastic waistbands for boxer briefs use. These men’s boxer briefs contact the human body directly, subsequently, consolation and pores and skin-pleasant efficiency should come first in yarn and elastic thread selection. Nowadays, the favored yarn of elastic waistbands contains nylon and silky nylon. Both such nylon yarns are glorious in sweat absorption, nonetheless, the silky nylon appears a lot excessive-end high quality and ultra-clean really feel. Moreover, 70D-100D silky nylon yarn may be woven in a very advantageous texture and show good detailed features of custom patterns. This is why we strongly suggest it as warp yarn. In elastic thread selection, spandex is the highest choice and significantly better than latex as it’s skin-pleasant, so you can follow most buyers’ preferences. There are three major texture patterns in elastic band weaving, plain, rib, and twill.

In twill texture, the warp segment is often longer than that in plain and rib texture. If we make a twill texture on the interior aspect of the elastic waistband, it will probably improve sweat absorption performance. However, twill texture might cause yarn loops after a interval of use. Below are the detailed comparisons between twill and plain textures. So you’ll be able to outline separately on each facet of the elastic waistband and observe your choice in weaving texture and pattern. Before this step, you might have set the webbing measurement to 1.5 inches, now you can define different settings of an elastic band on paper together with sewing margin, logo positioning, repeating, or the loop size of patterns. In order for you the brand in the perfect center of the elastic waistband, we suggest you add a positioning mark and make a little more length wastage for slicing and sewing. If not, you’ll be able to ignore the positioning situation, and set an appropriate repeating length of the pattern.

In brand and pattern positioning, you need to at all times define at the least 3-5mm as the bottom margin for sewing elastic waistbands and fabrics. Otherwise, a part of the logo or sample would be coated by fabric after sewing. Once you verify the yarn type and jacquard webbing design, Paluna will input the design drawing to the pc of the jacquard weaving loom to start out sample manufacturing. Some kind of yarn needs after-dyeing and pre-shrinkage processing, and knitted elastic webbing it usually prices 3 days in ending. Before shipping, our QC workers will inspect items one after the other in accordance with the industrial high quality requirements. After the standard inspection is finished, the pattern will be shipped by specific to our client’s doorstep within 5-7 days. When receiving the completed sample, you may lower the elastic waistband into designated lengths, on this case, it’s 38″ and 42″ men’s boxer briefs waistbands. Now you finish all the steps of how you can design a personalized elastic waistband.

Jacquard elastic webbing is a kind of fabric that is utilized in various functions due to its stretchability and design versatility. It is made by weaving elastic fibers akin to rubber or spandex together with other supplies like cotton, polyester, or nylon. The patterns on the fabric are created by a weaving course of that uses a Jacquard loom. Jacquard elastic webbing has varied functions within the clothing and accessory industries. It is usually used within the design of waistbands for denims, shorts, skirts, and leggings. The elastic properties of the fabric make it perfect for sizing changes in addition to offering consolation for the wearer. It is also used as straps for baggage, backpacks, and different accessories that require flexibility and durability. The patterns on the fabric enable jacquard elastic webbing to be utilized in decorative functions as well. It can be utilized in hair accessories, headbands, and within the design of belts. The fabric can also be utilized in the creation of house decor items like curtains and throw pillows.

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