BBC presenter scammed out of half of his life savings by fraudsters

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A veteran BBC presenter says he has been scammed out of half of his life savings by a scammer who called him up posing as his bank’s fraud department.

Peter Levy, who presents regional news programme Look North, admitted that he had fallen for the scam despite conducting interviews on how to avoid being swindled in the past.

He told BBC Radio Humberside’s Richard Stead that he felt ‘stupid’ and ‘thick’ after learning that he had been duped by a criminal who phoned him one evening in February claiming there was unusual activity on his account.

Mr Levy then gave his online banking login details to the fraudster – who proceeded to help themselves to cash before his real bank stepped in to cut them off.

The presenter, who has been a regular fixture on TV screens in the north of England for decades, said he had struggled to sleep after learning he had fallen for a scam.

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Veteran BBC presenter Peter Levy has revealed he fell for a banking scam in February (pictured on Look North as he interviewed West End actor and dancer Liam Mower last month)

He admitted he fell for the scam despite conducting several interviews on avoiding fraud during his time as a presenter (pictured on Look North)

Mr Levy received a call from a scammer posing as his bank’s fraud department in February – and was convinced to share his login details

He added that he had become aware of scams that see fraudsters replace the QR codes at car parks with ones that direct victims to fraudulent payment pages (stock picture)

‘Nobody knows about this here but I was scammed out of half of my life savings earlier this year and it was traumatic,’ he told Mr Stead in the clip, available on BBC Sounds.

‘I literally hadn’t been to sleep overnight because it was so stressful and it is the most horrific, horrific feeling. It is absolutely awful. You feel stupid, you feel thick.

‘It’s still being sorted out, Keto Xplode Stiftung Warentest just this lunchtime I’ve been to a bank. It’s awful.’

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